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Order a print of this image  You can order a print from any picture on this album?

Download file (787KB)  You can download any picture in it's original size and quality?

Start/Stop the slide show  You can view the photo album as a slide show?


When you click on the Order a print of this image icon, the picture is uploaded to where you can choose to order a print of the image.  ShutterFly will indicate the sizes of pictures you can order from a given image.  To order more than one, click the back button on your browser to select other images.  ShutterFly will keep track of the ones you want to order.

When you click on the Download file (787KB) icon, the picture will open in a new window in it's original size and quality.  You can then click "File"  "Save As" and save a copy to your computer.  Once you have saved the picture, you can print your own pictures.

When you click on the Start/Stop the slide show icon, this will start a slide show.  Click Start/Stop the slide show to pause the slide show.  The pictures will change every 4 seconds. 

If any of the pictures fail to appear, and have a red X where the image should be, press the refresh or reload button on your browser's toolbar.

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